About Us

Super Pan is the 1st Sizzling teppan in the Bay Area. We invited you to be Super Pan Chef. Mix…Mix…Mix…your food on the Super Pan which heated up to 500F. Your food keeps hot at 176F for DIY cooking. We source the freshest and the best ingredients to prepare Super Pan.

Bell, the owner’s 3 years old girl loves dessert. Alice, the owner decided to make the most delicious dessert to her beloved girl. She made very yummy ice shaved dessert and most importantly she needs to decorate it with strawberries. Bell loves strawberry tons. So don’t forget to try Bell’s favorite strawberry cheesecake ice shaved dessert.

Alice loves bubble tea. She drinks it every day. So one day, she decided to make the best milk tea herself. She use the fresh fruit for the green tea. Please ask Alice what bubble tea she would recommend  you.

Chef's Favorite

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Super Pan Chicken & Salmon

It is my girl Bell's favorite.
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Curry Beef Pepper Rice W/Cheese

w/ Garlic & Pepper Sauce
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Salmon Cream Pasta

Chef Alice especially made this dish for her husband

Top Selling

So Much Fun

“I love sizzling on the hot pan. And my food stayed very hot while I am eating.”

- Live in Richmond San Francisco
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I’m Happy

“I worked at hospital close by.  It is hard to find a quick and good meal. Super Pan is my favorite now.”

- Work at St Mary's Medical Center
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How awesome!

“I love Teppan a lot. I finally found one. It is a brand new restaurant. It is clean. The decor is very cute. And the food is awesome.”

- Student in UCSF
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- Graphics Designer
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- Jane Doe
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- Jane Williams
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